The diagnosis of the condition will generally be made by your optician, or by referral to an eye consultant. You may already be concerned about your sight and can check some of your symptoms against those we have listed on our Symptoms page.

The typical age range for this condition is 40 and over, however it can start earlier.

Fuchs is typically diagnosed with the optician using a "slit lamp" test. This allows the specialist to look at the layers of the cornea and assess its condition

This is a straight forward and simple test, however the brightness of the lamp can be uncomfortable to look at, and you may end up with very watery eyes.

Because Fuchs is not a particularly common condition, not all opticians will have seen cases before, and may not be looking for it in a normal eye test.

If you think you have Fuchs, then ask your optician, who should then be able to either check for it or refer you to an appropriate eye consultant.